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Some suggestions on selection of ARM chip

According to the user requirements and application areas, can be from the following aspects:

  • Speed (conventional application): the main clock of 20~133M is ARM7, ARM9 is 100~233M, ARM10 is as high as 700M, if the speed is higher, also can use multi-core ARM, such as ARM company's MinSpeed series chip.
  • Memory (conventional application): the general ARM with Flash (program) and SRAM (data), ARM company's Atmel comes with the largest memory capacity. If you want to expand the external Atmel, SDRAM, Samsung, NXP can be.
  • MCU upgrade (conventional applications): if you are upgrading from the original SCM system (speed, GPIO), select the NXP ARM ARM, the company's highest price, some models of less than 30 yuan can buy, and support the Zhou Ligong chip technology, development tools, rich technical data.
  • USB interface (special application): Samsung company's number of ARM built-in Host/Device USB2.0 interface, ARM NXP also has a built-in USB2.0 (full speed) interface.
  • AD/DA (data acquisition, industrial control): ADI company is mainly to do analog chips, so the company's ARM chips are basically built in AD, DA, and the number of bits, speed is the best.
  • Ethernet (embedded WEB, Modem): Samsung, Atmel company by a variety of ARM built-in Ethernet controller, NXP part of the ARM also have.
  • DSP (signal processing): DSP company TI the most famous, so the company's production of the ARM built-in DSP processor; ARM Motolora also has a built-in DSP.
  • Audio / video interface (audio / video equipment): This is no doubt that the company should choose ARM Philips, such as SAA7750, etc.
  • FPGA (complex logic circuit): Altera Company specifically to do the ARM, the company's EPLD/FPGA built-in FPGA, such as EPXA1, EPXA4, EPXA10 built-in FPGA gate circuit for the number of 100K, 400K, 1000K.
  • Cortex-M3 (the latest ARM kernel, high cost): the domestic popular STM32 ST series, LPC13xx NXP series and LM3S TI series, which is the most popular STM32, the only lead.
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