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Anti attack measures

In high security applications, the need to have a unique question, a single brand processor. Security microprocessor, excellent security processor attaches great importance to key protection, the use of non volatile battery backup SRAM store sensitive information. This SRAM should be used to customize the memory that can be returned to zero or instant erasure, once the tampering operation is detected immediately erase the memory content. Using a continuous working sensor or a battery powered clock detect tampering events (for example, temperature, voltage, or micro probe attacks). This security monitoring can ensure that the attacker can use the external clock control can not stop the process of clearing. Using on-chip memory, the attacker could not steal the key to the device's internal transmission. In addition, if the device is physically attacked, the key will be erased immediately.

In order to ensure that an attacker cannot control the memory bus, insertion may steal the key instructions, security processor, external memory bus encryption, and provides a complete monitoring of program memory, randomly generated key, each device is different, this encryption method to ensure that attackers cannot copy or steal product design, to provide effective protection of intellectual property. If an attacker tries to insert a random instruction, the integrity check will report the detection error, which is believed to detect tampering events.

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